Psychotherapy & Energetic Healing

Combining my experience of psychotherapy and energetic healing allows me to provide a unique, holistic support for my clients in their healing journey. 

How could I benefit?

You do not have to be sick to benefit from psychotherapy and energetic healing. It may be that you would like to feel more enthusiastic about your life or let go of the past. You could just feel a bit stuck and not sure where to go in your life, or it could be that you are dealing with a trauma or chronic illness.

I help people with a range of issues including:

Family or relationship challenges
Recovery from depression
Learning techniques to deal with anxiety
Improving self-esteem
Overcoming addiction
Connecting more with their inner power
Career issues
Building inner happiness and a positive outlook
Creating meaningful and fulfilling relationships
Managing everyday stress and anxiety better

What Happens in a Session?

Your session lasts for 45 minutes (please allow one hour for your first session) in which, you will experience this powerful combination of psychotherapy, counselling, alternative therapies and energetic healing. It is a no-touch therapy where we work together to assess your goals for treatment, before embarking on your healing journey together. For most clients, there will be “homework” in order to integrate the learnings from our session. 

People often feel a sense of peace during a session, a feeling of having expanded their sense of themselves and their capacity. There can be a feeling of becoming more free, positive and able to connect more deeply with your own intuition.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies depending on the person, the issue and their goals. We will discuss frequency and duration in our first session.

Virtual Sessions

I work with many clients online using a video conferencing platform, you will be sent a client form to fill in prior to our session.

The initial session is one hour, following sessions are 45 minutes.


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