What time does the Dalai Lama get up?

Most of us on a spiritual path have probably at one time or another thought “What time does the Dalai Lama get up?” “What does his routine look like?” For many of us on the path the Dalai Lama is a role model. He IS his teachings of non-violence and compassion.

So here it is……

3.30am!!! He shared the importance of a good nights sleep on mental clarity and that 8 hours of sleep is good to aim for if we don’t want to fall asleep in meditation. We worked back from there and found he must go to bed at about 7.30pm, the same time as my children!

He said he gets up and the first thing he thinks about is Buddha and the Tibetan texts, he meditates and prays and does some exercise. That this is very important for our day, to shape the day.

He stressed the importance of a routine and of sticking to it. That the regularity of practice is vital, and thus serious practitioners need a routine they stick to.