What is my Highest Destiny?

We started practice at 6 am this morning on the roof as before. We have started with contemplation about our purpose. Asking the big question of why are we here? We know it is the vibration at which we get there that is the important thing, but for many people it causes a lot of pain not knowing what that final destination is.

Let me explain. When I was living in London about nine years ago I was working for a wonderful charity in the head office. I knew I wanted to help people, but had no idea how this was going to happen. It caused a mild depression. I knew I was supposed to be doing something to help people, but I didn’t know what. I left London and went travelling with my boyfriend at the time for seven months and arrived in Sydney without a work visa, so I started studying, and later teaching English as a second language. I knew I did not want to teach English as a career, but it supported me while I explored alternative therapies as a career.

I am now a spiritual teacher and a healer. Looking back at all this, I see how this was all my training to be doing my purpose. I was being trained in energetically holding a class, sensing when they were getting tired or bored. Learning to create lesson plans etc. This was very useful training.

We need to see EVERYTHING we do as training to get to our highest destiny. If we can raise our children with the most patience and love we possibly can, do our tax return with equal love and gratitude and keep climbing the vibrational ladder, this will lead us into our highest destiny.

There is little point wishing your children or the high paying job you hate away, better to do it the highest possible vibration and make it part of your path towards your highest destiny.

How can I do this – some tip:

·      Make a list of the great things about your job or present state and focus on them, not the negative

·      If your job REALLY sucks it might be best to find something different.

·      Pray for help with finding your highest destiny

·      Do work with forgiveness and meditations on the heart. Love will always lead us towards our highest destiny.

·      Always make the best decision you can in any given moment.

·      Help others.