What is it like to be in a ‘Unity Group?’

Hello from Port Macquarie! I am staying near the beach with Shakti Durga, my teacher and twelve of her senior students. We come together twice a year for a week to study, play and do spiritual practice together. At times we have met weekly for a few hours, or once a fortnight, or irregularly.

Throughout time masters have trained students intensively in this way. I have vivid recollections of being trained in this way, in small groups, in two other incarnations. One in South Western Tibet as a male monk, and the other somewhere in far Western Russia, somewhere West of the Russian Plain, being trained in Kabbalah. In both incarnations the love in the group was palpable, and just thinking about it expands my heart hugely.

I have been in this ‘unity group’ for the last three and a half years and it has been the biggest push that I get as a spiritual teacher and healer. I have grown to love and know this group of people so deeply, they have become like my brothers and sisters. Indeed on a soul level, they are just that.

We range in age from about 22 to 65, some of us having grown up in affluent families, and some not, some of us love to sing, some not. When I look at us all from the outside we seem to be very different people at different stages of our lives, but we are bound by our joint commitment to serve the Divine and to go into Unity together.

To go into unity with a partner can be hard enough! Let alone with twelve people we hardly know! This is the challenge of unity. If twelve very different people can come more and more into unity, loving even the annoying bits of one another, then this must serve world consciousness in some way. In this group I have been more vulnerable, afraid, expanded and free than ever. In this group I feel loved for all of who I am, warts and all. I know that any one of them would come to the ends of the Earth to help me or my family, and I for them.

Over time we have built our energy bodies together. Doing regular purification, meditation, and group work has helped with this, and to me is essential. I have grown in trust of this group of people. This has grown as it does in any relationship; where I am vulnerable, afraid of being rejected and then loved! This builds trust, and allows for more authenticity, and ultimately more unity.

May Unity grow throughout the world and may it bring compassion and peace.

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