Walking the Star Path

It is currently 12.30 midday and I have just finished walking the star path twice. The star is in the shape of the Star of David and is laid out according to sacred geometry. Upon entering the Golden Temple (which is free as Amma wants everyone to be able to access the potent energy available here) you talk onto a pathway covered by a beautiful roof laid out in the shape of a star. This is an opportunity for a walking meditation.

This morning I walked the path whilst chanting “Om Namo Narayani”, which is the mantra (Sanskrit words of power and transformation) most aligned with this Ashram and Amma. It means I surrender everything to the Divine Mother, not my will, but thy will be done.

I followed the path and at each point of the star, stopped and tuned inward towards the gleaming golden temple and connected with the energy of the temple and the star. At each point a huge wave of energy flew into my body, some so strong I could hardly walk after.

After about 15 mins of walking the path leads into the center of the star so we can circumambulate the Golden Temple. This Temple is surrounded by water, we walk around it and then walk a path towards the inner chamber, which houses a black Lakshmi statue. As I walk around the Temple and contemplate the gleaming reflection of the Temple in the water I realize this is a teaching. That what we see as the gold of the Temple that seems so solid is the Divine realm. This is what is actually “real”, and the reflection is the Divine reflection, that is us in the world that to us seems so real. The astral field that we live in of thoughts and feelings is very watery, and to us this seems to be “real”, but when we see above this we realize that the Divine realm is more real and our lives are really a reflection of what is happening in the soul, and with our karma.

Once in the center of the Temple it is possible to sit on the black marble in front of this statue surrounded by sheets of gold shaped into delicate flowers, huge elephants and peacocks, and chandeliers and soak in the amazing energy. It is like sitting in a vortex of Divine energy. Every part of my being feels like it is exploding with tiny bliss balls. My consciousness is stretched more than ever before. I feel the presence of the Temple through all dimensions, and absorb the blessing that emanate from the Temple and the Deity inside. I feel permanently changed and incredibly grateful to have been called by Amma to be here now at the auspicious time of Navartri.

Om Namo Narayani