Virtues – Zeal

Retreat Day 1

Everyone has finally arrived and all 140 of us have settled into the resort in Coffs Harbor. I feel like I have been here for a week already! We have three temples, a shop…and the resort has a wonderful restaurant overlooking the sea and they have created a veggie menu just for us. They are really wonderful. Everyone seems in good spirits and the word is:

“Get ready for your life to completely change”

Shakti Durga, the retreat leader, pulled a virtue card for the retreat yesterday. More about these cards can be found at

It was “ZEAL”

– passion for what we deeply value

-We give it our all

-we do all we can to serve a cause we believe to be true

-we need to tolerate others with different beliefs

-it illuminates the smallest task with joy


-I have a deep sense of purpose

-I give all I have

-I am considerate of the perspective of others

-I work with joyous energy

Things to ponder:

-Do I give my all to the causes I believe in?

-Where am I not tolerant of other people’s ideas and beliefs?

-Where do I lack joy?