Transmission Through a Book

How can we best ‘receive a transmission’ through a book?

My holiday reading – a bit intense for a holiday in Fiji, but I am enjoying it. Lots to blog about from this book from home. He talks about receiving the transmission of this book from the appropriate teacher. It was not written. In transmission he is talking about the energetic transmission which can only ever be party received through a book. To be in the presence of a master and have a text transmitted from their energy body into yours, if the student is able to receive it, is a rare gift, and one they seem to respect and acknowledge in the Buddhist system.

How can we best ‘receive a transmission’ through a book? Firstly call on the spirit of the author, especially if the author is a Master such as the Dali Lama. Ask that he/she teach you through your contemplation of the text.

I find as I read flashes of insights come which I jot down in the margins. This is the author and my higher self ‘teaching’ me as I read.

Secondly take time to contemplate the teachings and do the recommended practices. Entering into a state of contemplation is a receptive & open place where we can receive. It is a yin state, try not to be too active in your mind during this contemplation. Just muse a concept and sit with it. Amazing insights can be gained this way.

Remember that lots of inner teachings can not be written, they can only be passed on in this way.

End each sitting with gratitude and respect for the teacher you have called on and the insights received.