The Spirit of the Royal National Park

We have been trying to do the Otford to Bundeena trek in the Royal National Park for about three years. Finally we got it together and arranged a fun weekend for the kids so we could go to celebrate our eight year wedding anniversary by walking 27 kilometres and sleeping in a little tent! Both Lance (my husband) and I love nature and the thrill of carrying all we need to survive. We both like the feeling of our blood pumping and then taking a dip in the ocean to cool off.

The first day was 34 degrees, but luckily was mostly under shade. We passed through some spectacular palms and walked along incredible coat line. Where we passed over a creek in an area called Palm Jungle the sound of the cicadas was unbelievable. They were so loud Lance had to hurry through, but I could feel the vibration all through my chakras and part of me was curious what the vibration would do to my energy body. It was like being in a huge energy bath. As I passed the trees I saw at least twenty on only the trees I could see, creating their rhythmic sound together. Had it been much louder I would have had to cover my ears. We later met a man in his 50’s who has knows the national park well, and he told me this is really rare, that he has never heard them so loud or seen so many. He had the same experience of the sound bath as me.

We arrived at Burning Palms Beach and took a much deserved rest, swim and lunch break. The sea was a bit cold for me, but brilliantly clear. As we swam some big dark clouds came over and we heard some thunder, and it started to rain a little.

I had been looking for an appropriate place in the park to invoke, connect and ask permission from the elders to be there. This was the right time! We both sat on the beach, in the light rain and called on the elders of the land, stated our intention with being there, and asked for permission to be there. We flooded the whole area with love. As we did the rain lessened, but the clouds remained. The park felt warm to us and entrance granted!

We walked on to North Era camp ground. There are no facilities there so we bathed in the sea, and set up camp. We ate some fairly standard hiking food, rounded off nicely with some chai. The great Australian flies were out in force and at any one time during the walk we were carrying at least ten on us. I looked at it as though we were giving them a lift!

The sun set was quite dramatic with dark clouds all around us, warm wind blowing, rain in the distance and a wonderful thunder-storm out at sea.  At dusk we saw a deer eating at the back of the camp. That was a wonderful surprise.

We both had a pretty rough night. It was quite windy and Lance didn’t have a pillow or mat to sleep on and my role mat had a puncture. However morning arrived quickly and we woke up to sunshine and the smell of the land.

We got up and did some yoga as we both had stiff joints, ate our breakfast, packed up and headed up the hill for the last 8 hours of walking. On the way we met a beautiful man, who is one with the park and with the animals, in a way we only can be when we visit them in all seasons, every week, spending weeks at a time there. He walked with us for most of the time, pointing out places, rocks and animals. I could feel his oneness with the land and how he was part of the park. I was grateful to the park and the elders for sending him to us. I knew it was no accident. We spoke of our experiences of other realities within nature and had a knowing that we both understood the other.

It was a necessary re-connection with the land and with nature and I am very grateful to Lance (for carrying most of the camping equipment, and being my buddy), Shakti Das and Pam (for picking us up from Bundeena and driving us back to our car in Otford, thank you!), Pat, Ivan and Suzy (for giving the kids a fun weekend), to those that gave us water along the way, to our friend of the park for his insight and guidance, to the NSW government for keeping it a national park and to the park itself.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Lance in hiking gear!Our TentShekinah taking a breakThe chefStunning Water

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