The End of a One Year…

What Personal Year Number are you heading towards?  In numerology the years run in nine year cycles, and I can feel the effect of these cycles when I look back over the last 10 years.  I got married at the end of a 9 year…one of the worst years of my life, to finish that cycle.  A personal one year is all about new beginnings.  During that year (2006), I found my Guru, Shakti Durga, and started studying intensively what I now teach, and started a new life as wife.  Both of these relationships have deepened over the last 9 years, and a cycle has been completed.  At the end of 2014, we had some pretty big personal upheaval to end the 9 year cycle.  2015 was another personal one year for me, and again there were lots of beginnings; I started my Masters degree, deeply settled into our new home, it is sewing the seeds for the next 8 years.

So 2016 for me is a 2 year.  It is about keeping up the good work and nurturing what has been planted in the year before, it is about balance and harmony.  I find it useful to know what the numerological energy is for the year to come, and you might too.

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