The 7 Habits

My children have spent the last three years participating in ‘The Leader in Me’ program at their school based on the best-selling book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey.  Over this time I have heard them saying to one another ‘be proactive’ and ‘sharpen the saw’ and as teachable moments are popping up at home, I thought it was about time to learn their language and reinforce what they are learning at school and read the book.

And . . . I am loving it.  It is a fantastic book to read at the beginning of a new year when we are thinking about our goals for the year.  Yesterday in satsang we were distilling our goals into their essence.  For example, you may have a goal to loose weight this year, but the essence of that goal on a soul level might be to build tenacity, friendship and self-love.  When we know the essence of the goal it helps us to stay focused on it and approach it from different angles.  In Covey’s work he guides you through a visualisation process to connect with your core values and then align your life with those values at the centre.

I have found it a wonderful read and I highly recommend it, especially now as we start the year and set goals.