Relationship Hot House

Time and time again in the psychotherapy study I am doing it seems CONNECTION is key.  But it can be easy in the honeymoon phase, and tricky later, or they never seem to last.

We will be exploring:

  • relationships in our family of origin
  • unfinished past relationships still lingering around
  • unprocessed traumas of past lives
  • how we might abandon ourselves when in relationship
  • co-dependence and interdependence
  • lots of soul clearing

The aim is big lift and shift, to clear out the past and create the future how we would like it to be.  I aim to do this in a felt body way, where we practice being with ourselves in the face of anger, shame and other strong emotions.

The classes will be held from 7-9pm on Wednesday nights in a beautiful space in the ‘Tote’ building above a library in Zetland and require a commitment of 12 weeks. There is plenty of street parking in the area, and it is a  ten minute walk to Green Square Station.  You do not have to commit to being at every class, I understand sometimes life, work, illness etc get in the way, but there needs to be a knowing that the class is a priority in your life, and even in your absence we will be calling you in to do the work of the group.

Classes are limited to 15 people on a first come first served basis.  Once the 12 week period is finished we will take a 3 week break and you will have the option to do another 12 weeks, or take a break, and someone else will take that place.

The dates for this term are:

7th June

14th June

21st June

28th June

5th July

12th NO CLASS (Shakti Durga Mantra Training in Castle Hill if you choose to go)

19th July

26th July

2nd August

9th August

16th August

23rd August

30th August

If you are interested in going deep around relationships get in contact asap to secure your spot:  I will then send you more information about the class and venue.