“Before working with Jennifer, I was adrift in my life. I had no idea who I was or what I wanted. All I knew was that I was miserable. I was working as a corporate lawyer at the time and was physically burnt out, suffered from regular panic attacks, and had trouble to really connect with people in any meaningful way. Jennifer has helped me to access my gifts in the tree of life, to activate my soul. In doing so, this helped me to discover what was blocking me from enjoying happy, supportive loving relationships, activate my energy levels for deep physical healing and put me on the road to my vocation in life that brings me total joy and abundance.
Since working with Jennifer my levels of energy, joy and self confidence have all been transformed in the most miraculous way. Jennifer has a real gift for seeing right into you and helping you understand who you are and what is blocking you from your dream life. Jennifer’s mentoring style is one of total loving support, nurturing, kindness and crystal clarity. Her intuition and knowing is astounding. Jennifer literally changed my life. I would say the most important thing to know about working with Jennifer is she will get to the bottom of any issue with clarity, non judgement and loving support. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone thinking of creating a change in their life, to connect with your soul and align with your greatest abundance in all areas of life.
Amrita Anjani
Soul Purpose Mentor


“Jennifer is a highly effective and insightful mentor.  I met Jennifer around five years ago. At the time I was in a lot of pain and confusion, my life was just not working despite all of my attempts and I had just hit a huge rock bottom.

When I met Jennifer, I felt instantly at ease with her. She exudes a strength and gentleness in equal measures. There was something about her that I intuitively trusted.

Jennifer is completely congruent with what she teaches, she has a broad toolkit she draws from, and is non-judgmental. I am so grateful for all the wisdom and love she has given to me.”

Faith, Sydney


“Jennifer is a brilliant mentor.  Jennifer has lovingly guided and shown me how to utilise effective methods to transform my life for the better. Jennifer is strong and down to Earth, yet has great insight into the deeper issues that are at play in any given situation.

Larissa, Nurse, Sydney


“I have experienced Jennifer both as a teacher and mentor. She is extremely empowering in how she deals with me, always setting me homework and keeping me accountable for my own journey. She has a range of tools at her disposal and always knows just the one to encourage that growing edge to shrink just a little!!!

She allows herself to be vulnerable with me, which makes it much easier for me to share my feelings with her. She is great at working with what’s in the room and holding the space to allow all that needs to emerge.

Jennifer is a gifted mentor and teacher. She is a real example in our world of someone who lives her truth, I experienced soul presence, gifted facilitation and a compassionate nature.

It is hard to put in words the difference Jennifer has made to my life. I feel privileged and honoured to have had the opportunity to work with Jennifer.”

Sue, Executive Coach, Sydney


“I was blown away by her clarity of intuition and how she expresses her intuitive language in a direct and practical way leaving no stone unturned, enabled us to safely explore dimensions of my being that were hindering my recovery from the inflammation of the lungs.”
Nathalie Martinek PhD
Melbourne, VIC


“It was 8 days of pure bliss, connection, love and expansion. From beginning to end, Jennifer powerfully supported and expertly guided us through daily practices and rituals which allowed us to expand our consciousness and open our hearts. Our egos surrendered. She is an extremely wise soul and communicates her knowledge effectively,  so that all may understand and participate from a deeper place. With Jennifer’s invaluable knowledge of ritual and culture and with her organizational skills,  we were able to keep our vibration high whilst enjoying daily connection during various practices. I feel so blessed and grateful to have experienced this life affirming adventure. My life is more rich, abundant and full of love and connection than ever before. Thank you Jennifer for being a wise, patient teacher and a fun, loving companion on our legendary heart – felt journey. When is the next retreat!?!”

Retreat Participant
Penny, Teacher, Sydney