Mind Body Spirit Festival Sydney 2013

We had a wonderful day in Darling Harbour at the Mind Body Spirit Festival. This is a huge festival for those interested in all things alternative. There are talks on psychic development, music, healing, massage, all kinds of modalities, get your cards read. To find out more visit www.mbsfestival.com.au.

I spoke in the Speakers Lounge today at 2.45pm for 45 mins on Empowering Relationships. There were about 30 seated people and 15 or so standing. We had a great chat about relationships and how to be empowered in them.

We looked through the five dimensions of our being and talked about ways to improve our relationships through all of them, based on the wonderful work of my teacher Shakti Durga. We had some great questions and discussion. Then a willing volunteer had her relationship scanned to find out where the weaknesses are. She found it very interesting and insightful, and lots of participants made it over to the Shanti Mission healing stall at G29 to receive a 15 min healing by donation from one of our trainee therapists.

The stall did over 50 healings today! The energy around the stall felt incredible and we were busy all day. A big thank you to Jaia for initiating and creating the event for us so elegantly, to Pallas Athena for anchoring the healing clinic and Chamundai for her skill in the shop. Well done everyone!