Laxmi Mantra Practice

OM Shreem Maha Laxmi Namaha

This weekend I had the great pleasure of teaching an advanced Spiritual Development course called “Anchoring Heaven on Earth”.  It is about miraculous manifesting.

One of the tools we have to help with miraculous manifesting is mantra.  Mantra is like a prayer, and is a condensed form of spiritual energy.  They have been chanted for Millenia by ancient Rishis and Saints and have been imbued with spiritual energy, or Shakti.  There are specific mantras to help with specific things in life.  Below is a wonderful book about different mantras one can experiment with:


As we were working with manifesting, we chose to work with a Laxmi mantra, Laxmi is the Goddess of wealth and abundance.  Laxmi is in everything; health, vitality, family, harmonious relationships, safety etc.

I will be doing this mantra as my regular practice for the next month.  Join me and lets share notes about the results.

Namaste Shekinah