Landing in Chennai

It is great to be back! This is my fifth visit to India and I love it every time I come. I love the smell, the humidity, the colours, the noise….and the air conditioning!

The flight felt long and I arrived a blurry mess at Australian time 5am not having slept on the flight. Mum joined me in the room at 5.30am, having flown in to join me from the UK on this adventure, so it was a disturbed night.

However we were up and eating our delicious Puri breakfast (a kind of flat bread with a mild Indian potato sauce)…yummy…by 9am. In the car at 10am to get some ashram appropriate clothing.

We went to T.Nagar, the biggest shopping district in India by revenue. We got out of the taxi, went into a big department store full of locals and were in there for three hours.

In these stores they give you a personal shopper who helps you to locate what you are after quickly. Most of the signs are in English and Hindi, but it would have taken us hours to find what we were after in this four story building crammed with fabric without help. Inside the stores they only use fans, so in 30 degree heat it gets toasty inside. We had Faith with us as our style and colour consultant…..thank you!

Three hours later we emerged with 8 saris, 3 punjabi suits, 9 scarfs, three leggings, and 6 blouses between the four of us. Mission accomplished!

Back to the hotel for more Puri, a shower, a foot massage, some blogging and soon to bed. Tomorrow we leave with the group for Sri Narayani’s Ashram. We are all very excited!

Sweet dreams!