Is Chakradance ‘Silly Hippie Stuff’?

I just had my first experience of Chakradance. I planned to do some running daily on retreat to help the energy move through my body better, but I have been doing some emotional releasing and my body is feeling very delicate, so I chose to do ‘chakradance’ today.

To be honest I thought anything called chakradance was going to be silly hippie stuff. I imagined a room full of free-loving, flakey people imitating the 60’s……not for me!

However I have been feeling that I need to break out of the normal things I do and use my body to take up more space…………..let’s give it a go!

Lalita ran the session, which lasted about 40 minutes. She played a CD by “Chakradance”, which had instructions and music for us to follow. Lalita danced on the stage to help model it.

The music was varied, but quite tribal and simple in essence. We started with the base chakra and danced from the base of the spine, moving up the chakras one at a time.

When we came to the sex chakra I deeply connected with it by putting my whole consciousness and focus there. We all had our eyes closed, which was helpful for me so I didn’t feel too silly.

I felt a huge rush of energy flood up my whole body as I connected with the sex chakra. I then swayed gently to the music and allowed my body to begin to move. It was like the chakra had been given permission to be fully expressed through my body without any judgement.

The dance that grew out of me was very feminine, I felt like a belly dancer who would have little bells on the end of her fingers. I think it is the most feminine dance I have ever done!

As this was happening I reflected on how my dance is usually quite a masculine dance, to quite Earthy, masculine music.

I didn’t need to make my body move to the music, it seemed to move on its own.

The dance from each chakra was very different. It was interesting to witness the process and feel what each had to share with me through the form of dance.

It felt liberating, my body was given permission to move in ways it would not usually. Pain I had in my lower back from sitting in meditation pose has gone!

Thank you Lalita and thank you Chakradance!

For more information on Chakradance please visit their web site: