How to Prepare for a Retreat

As many of you know I am leaving in two weeks for India. I will be traveling with a group of about 80 people to Sri Narayani Amma’s ashram in India.  I visited this incredible place and person / Avatar in April and had one of my life’s pinnacle experiences.

Part of me wanted to stay there, or quickly return, gather up the people I love and take them all back. The energy of this group of Temples is astounding. In that trip we witnessed some of the most remarkable events, and experienced more heart opening, and our own soul presence than ever before. The whole group left transformed.

I was only okay to leave knowing I was returning in October. I called my mother from the ashram in April, told her how incredible it was and invited her to join us in October….she was registered within 20 minutes! So this trip I will be visiting an embodiment of the Divine mother with my own Divine mother! How blessed am I to be able to share something so sacred with my mum?

We are going to be at the ashram at a very auspicious time, it is Navarathri Festival. This is a festival where a battle took place between Good and Evil for nine days and nights (“Nava” means 9 and “rathiri” means nights) and on the tenth day Good emerged the winner.

It is going to be big! There will be a LOT of Indian Devotees there for this festival and the energy is going to be BIG. I am both very excited and quite jittery.

It is normal practice is many traditions to do a form of purification before embarking upon such a retreat.

What have I been doing?

·      Daily exercise……what! I hear most of you who know me well call out! Yes, I have been running and doing push-ups and things called “burpies” and going to a training class once a week. I really don’t enjoy it, but I know at the moment it is good for me and part of my preparation for this intensive retreat.

·      Diet – I am eating mainly organic fresh produce, no fish, meat or sugar. I find this quite easy as I make bliss balls with dates and other yumminess that satisfy my sweet craving, and I have been vegetarian most of my life.

·      Teaching and Healing – I am blessed to have this as my main form of purification. At the moment I am teaching three nights a week and am fully booked for the next two weeks with healings. I know this is the Divine’s way of upping my purification and getting me read for the energy that will await us all at Peedam.

·      Early to bed. 10pm is usually my cut off, but last week I felt especially tired and was sleeping by 8.30pm every night. It really helped. I am now aiming for 9pm.

These are just the things I have been impulse to do on this retreat. I find each time it is a different combination.

I will keep you posted on the run up to the retreat and send blogs from India too….it is an ashram with Wi-Fi…..wonderful!!!

Om Namo Narayani!

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