How to Make a Vision Board

This is the time to make a vision board.  There are THREE astrological events on the same evening tonight, Friday 10th -11th.  There will be a lunar eclipse, a full ‘snow moon’ and Comet 45P will come its closest to the Earth, all within hours of one another.

The energy of this will be of new beginnings.  Astrologists believe that  a new gateway opens at the time of an eclipse, and for this one it is the entrance point into the energies of 2017.  Eclipses are thought of as highly transformative times.  This full moon is in Leo, which is about passion, our authentic self and courage, it is a fire sign, so might include the fiery energy of sudden change, fire is active, so you may see a sudden burst of energy that will last until August 2017.

I have had a strong intuition to make a new vision board for a few weeks, and in my mentoring group we are working on this.  This eclipse has speeded things up, and I am planning to have it done by tonight.  In my recent post I talked about the ending of a 9 year cycle, and the beginning of a new one.  As humans living on the Earth I know we are affected by the planets, indeed in Kabbalah (the mystical arm of Judaism) our physical tree in Assiyah is made up of the planets.  So the best time to vision is when there is planetary support for the change, and this is now.

We know what we focus on expands, and it is very hard if we are going to a job we hate every day to expand into a job we love.  A vision board helps us to do this.  It helps us get clear about what we want at work, or in other areas of our life and visualise it.

How to Make a Vision Board

What you Need

  • Red Paper (for the background – this activates the base chakra when you look at it.  I usually get A3).
  • Cork Board or light weight picture frame.
  • Printer, paper, magazines, scissors, pins
  • Stickers, pens, photos, quotes that inspire you
  • Time (you can do this alone, or invite a group over and do one together – a great way to get the imagination flowing).

How to do it

  • Invoke for assistance. This might sound like “I ask for Divine assistance with creating what is good for me.  Please inspire me with things that will nurture my spirit and help the planet”.
  • Spend some time meditating to allow yourself to be as clear as possible.  You might like to use a guided meditation if you are not used to meditation.
  • Think about different areas of your life one at a time.  Work, home, family and friends, health, money and abundance, community, the world, service, study, overseas travel.  Think in terms of FEELINGS.  When I am at work I might not know where I will be, but what feeling do it want?  I want to wake up thinking “yippee, it is a work day”, I want to feel appreciated and loved.  So I look for images that represent these things and feelings to me.
  • I go to Google and type in what I want, for example “Happiness at work” and press enter.
  • I then click on the tab that says “images” at the top.  I choose one I like and use “apple, ctrl,shift,4” to get a tool I can cut with. I select the picture I want, go to a word doc and paste it using “apple, V”.  I resize it there.
  • Once you have lots of images and some quotes and affirmations print it all in colour.
  • Spend time with some great music on cutting and sticking the images onto the red backing paper.
  • You might like to arrange pictures in groups of topics for ease of use later.
  • TIP: Think BIG.  If you want to buy a house, put your dream house.  If you had lots of money how would you be living?  These questions help us move beyond what is into a field of infinite possibilities. Enjoy!

Next week I will be posting on how to USE the board so we don’t just leave it hidden in the corner of a room.

If you have comments or experiences I would love to hear from you, or to share your board!

With Love