How Does Fiji Feel Spiritually?

Having come from a spiritual intensive in Australia it took a while to adjust to the energy of Fiji. I always call on the spirit of a country and ask for permission to be there before landing. I let the land and spirit guides know my intension & ask for help to achieve them.

This time as a mum entertaining two children on a flight I completely forgot. By the time I remembered it was midnight and I was falling asleep in bed. I invoked them & my higher self and the Divine & fell asleep.

I woke up to diggers outside my room. Not what I wanted for my blissful holiday! After breakfast we moved huts, but I knew something was amiss. It just did not feel right.

After a trip to the pool I sat in meditation. I called on my team & the spirits of the land. I asked for permission for me and my family to be there. I flooded them and the land with love. I told them how we intended no harm, with great respect we wanted a relaxing & fun holiday.

They seemed relieved by this. They told me that my arrival had been a bit unsettling for them, like another tribe arriving they have not met before. I flooded them all with love and intended to embrace them in a field of Divine love. I felt them all relax.

(As I write this now on my porch a woman just walked past to visit our neighbours saying “we come from another tribe bearing gifts” – how is that for confirmation!!!!)

Since then we have had a wonderful holiday in Fiji. Great weather, water, food and company.

Thank you Fiji!!!