Hearing the Messages of your Soul

Tarot: A Tool for the Soul

Sometimes it is difficult to hear the messages of the soul. In our busy daily lives, if we have the time and space for daily meditation we invite the soul to commune with us, and the messages come to us thorough the ‘fog’ of our astral body. There are many ways our soul attempts to communicate with us; gut feelings, inner knowing, patterns of three, dreams etc. Another way for our soul to communicate with us is through the language of the Tarot.

The Tarot is the “Book of Leaves”, written in the universal language of symbolism, which speaks directly to your unconscious. We have an intuitive response to them. The Tarot is a wonderfully elegant system based on the Western Kabbalah (Jewish mystical tradition). The images and patterns found though out the Raider Waite Tarot deck (which is the one I study and use) have arisen out of this system.

It is said that the Tarot deck used properly becomes a talisman, that each card can become imbued with power, if the owner uses them in such a way.  For example if you would like more abundance in your life it may be an idea to put the Empress image on your altar and meditate on this image for a while. The Empress in her gown covered in pomegranates, surrounded by a natural abundance of flowers and fruit is an image of yin abundance. All she needs comes to her. You could merge with the image and imagine how it would be to have this in your life.

Another way to use them is in answer to questions or propositions. The insights gained can be very insightful, and with practice lots of fun!

Over time, with study and use, I have found the Tarot images speak to me in meditation and in healings. Once the images are understood it is another tool our soul has to communicate with us.

If you feel called to delve deeper into this study of the Tarot please join me for a three day Tarot series in Sydney starting Saturday August 9th, or in Cooranbong starting 18th October. For more information please go to Shantimission.org or contact Shekinah at info@jennynurick.com