Healing on My Dog Oli

Oli is a beautiful, gentle, 13-year-old, 30 kilo Labrador.  I like to call her my first baby.  Lance and I woke up to the sound of her panting at 5am, and went to check if she was okay.  She wasn’t.  She seemed to be paralysed in her hind legs, she had relieved her bowls and her eyes were flicking.  She was clearly very distressed and unable to move.  I gave her a quick general sweep before Lance carried her like a baby downstairs and into the car and to the emergency vet.


As he drove her I scanned her chakras and did a distance healing.  Her base chakra had collapsed and was very congested.  The other chakras seemed quite good considering her state.  I focused on the base chakra and cleaned out all the gunk, I cleaned her nervous system, especially the spinal column.


When Lance returned, he was very upset.  The vet had given her a diagnosis of a middle ear infection which is common in “older” dogs and affects their sense of balance.  They admitted her saying that it usually takes dogs 3-5 days to regain their balance and be able to walk again, and that this could be the beginning of the end.  I just didn’t feel that at all.  I felt very strongly that this was a one-off and that she would be fine.


At midday I went to the vet to visit her and give her another healing.  I expected to see her sat down in a cage resting.  But no!  She was up and walking about sniffing for food tail wagging.  She was delighted to see me, and I was relieved to see her completely back to normal.  The vet said he had never seen a dog recover in less than 3 days.  He said he had described Oli’s condition upon admittance to the staff arriving later in the day, and they didn’t believe him!  By 5pm she was back home with us and very happy.


We are so grateful for her presence in our lives.  We love you Oli!