Going Through The Tower Experience

Going Through “The Tower” Experience

For those of you who are familiar with the image of the tower in the tarot, you will identify with the inherent feeling of “oh no” that is there for most.

The Tower

The Tower card is about clearing out what is not in Divine alignment. Often we cling onto relationships and patterns that are not serving us or those we love because they make us feel safe, or we are then approved of, appreciated etc.

Sometimes we are not able to break out of the pattern alone, and we need Divine intervention to make the change. It may be we have no idea that our relationships have been toxic, that boundaries have been repeatedly abused, that we have not even been conscious of this. Or if we have been conscious we have pushed down that little inner voice to keep the peace, to not make a fuss. Sound familiar to anyone out there?

As you look at the card you can see the Divine lightening bolt coming from above to hit the crown chakra and effect change. The energy that comes can be so powerful it can be a shock. The fiery windows in the tower are the kundalini burning up the ego and running though the kundalini channel of the physical body. When this happens there is usually big change. We can see the male and female aspects of the ego being thrown out of the tower. What the ego has been holding on to in the Devil; the false Gods of illusion, physical objects, power, sex, a boss that abuses you etc are being tossed out to make way for Divine revelation and purification.

At the time of the tower event it feels like everything is going crazy, it feels unstable and unsafe, we fear we are loosing everything and there can be a tendency to cling onto what we have. The trick is to surrender. To realize we are truly safe no matter what. We will always need to surrender the way things have been and fall into the uncertainty of how things will be. We may need to surrender our job, our friends, family and even children. Letting them go fully allows them to return in a different way, more authentic, with less control and gripping and more authenticity. And if they don’t return they were never meant to.

So tips for working with the tower…..

  • Surrender it all, bit by bit
  • Be kind to yourself and surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally
  • Pray

This is not the time to visualize and create what you want in the future. It is the time to really let go.


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