India Healing Retreat

February 25, 2018 – March 3, 2018 all-day
Sri Narayani Peedam
Vellore, Tamil Nadu
Jenny Nurick

India Healing Retreat

25th Feb – 3rd March 2018

If you have started 2018 feeling uninspired and want to inject a bit (well a lot!) of shift and energy into the year, then this is for you.  Visiting Amma has been described by Sai Baba devotees as seeing Sai Baba but without all the crowds.  We will be staying on the ashram grounds and participating in ashram life.

What will I experience?:

  • daily guided meditations, healing and group practice with Shekinah
  •  sacred ceremonies performed by Sri Narayani Amma.
  • we will be present at the auspicious full moon ceremony, lasting about 4 hours.
  • we will connect with the shakti (power) in many sacred sites in Sri Puram.
  •  we will explore the power of mantra, walking meditation and service.
  • we will visit Vellore, a typical Indian town.

This trip is for you if:

  • you want to open your heart and connect more deeply with your spirit, or essence.
  • you want to learn mantra and meditation
  • you have been yearning for something different
  • you want to experience a different culture

For more information and a detailed itinerary please email Shekinah at