Empowering Relationships 1

July 18, 2015 @ 9:30 am – July 19, 2015 @ 4:00 pm
1 Crown St, Henley, Sydney
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Jenny Nurick
Empowering Relationships 1 @ 1 Crown St, Henley, Sydney | Sydney | New South Wales | Australia

The Empowering Relationships seminars are created to do just as they say, to empower your relationships. With yourself and with others.

In ER 1 we look at how intimacy develops in relationship and how we deal with individual differences, which are bound to come up. How good we are at dealing with conflict is largely dependent on our communication skills. In ER 1 we look at our styles and patterns in relationship and become empowered to improve our communication.

We take an experiential journey to meet four parts of ourselves, each with its own set of needs and fears. We learn how to work with these parts of ourselves, to meet our own needs before the needs of others, and to ultimately love ourselves more than ever before.

In relationship we see how there are really 8 sub-personalities we are working with in any relationship! No wonder it can be difficult! We look at needs within the relationship, which when not me can lead to affairs, tantrums, boredom and energy can leak out of the relationship.

We look at lots of different ways to raise the vibration of relationships, to create more love, unity, joy and peace for both.

This is a powerful seminar which changes the way you interact with yourself your Beloved and the world. Invaluable!

Pre-Requisites – None!

Facilitator: Ananda Netti