Creativity and Big Magic

With my focus this year on creativity, and my goal of reading a book a week, ‘Big Magic’ seemed like the logical place to start.  I listened to it, and straight away started to listen to it again.  It is a spiritual book, which honours the creative process as a spiritual process.  Elizabeth Gilbert shares her world of creativity with humour and authenticity.

What were the take aways for me?

  • Projects are ‘things’ with ‘spirit’ that come and go and need to be treated with respect.  I can court them like a lover.
  • Don’t let fear stop me from creating.  Some will love what I do and some will hate it.
  • Asking my creativity to support me will suffocate it, keep my day job!

There is so much more, this is a must read for anyone wanting to bring creativity into their daily lives in any form.  Remembering creativity lights up the energy body and engages us with our spirit in a joyful way if we let it.

Happy Creating