Day 7 – Cosmic Consciousness and Amma

I am still blown away by the fact I am sitting on a daily basis in the presence of an Avatar. An Avatar is an incarnation of the Divine on Earth, sent here to assist humanity. They do not live with the same consciousness as you and I, and things do not have to be fed though an astral field of feelings and thoughts. They are in cosmic consciousness all the time. Edo told us today that Amma (Sri Narayani Amma: his Guru) rules over 10 locas (universes).

With lots of training from my Guru Shakti Durga I have had glimpses of what it is like to be in this world and to simultaneously see what is going on in other dimensions. This happens a lot for me during healings, and indeed is the purpose of the healings. It also sometimes happens in my ordinary life. I can only imagine it is like this but amped up a million times for Amma.

How can we know if someone is an Avatar? Two things stand out for me. Firstly, what are they doing in the world? Are they actually helping people? And secondly, when you are with them how do you feel?

Amma has initiated the most amazing social welfare and environmental programs that Amma is spreading through India. Having toured the ashram and spoken with lots of Devotees and workers here they all attest to Amma’s love and kindness and support. Not only this they are also very keen to share their personal stories of miracles with Amma, these are very special as they are not second hand, elaborated tales, but things that actually happened to the people I am speaking to. Amazing.

Ramu, who works in the ashram, told me of when he was travelling with Amma recently to Malaysia and their party arrived late at a hotel and there was no food. The party was hungry. Amma told Ramu to go into his room and lay out some banana leaves and leave and close the door. After a minute he told him to enter. Ramu said on the leaves was Roti, curry, all the food they love! “And it was hot!” he said with a smile. He proceeded to share story after story with us beaming the whole time.

Just because Amma can do things we would call miraculous does not necessarily make Amma an Avatar. The real test for me is how it feels in my heart.

Once a day at about 2pm Amma starts Pooja (prayers) in a large hall, which last for about 3 hours. We are welcomed into the hall and invited to sit near the front to get a good view. As soon as I see Amma a huge wave of energy hits me. It is smooth and strong and blissful. I connect deeply with my heart and send Amma love, the wave that returns to me seems to fill every chakra and almost lift me off the floor. I take my mala (prayer beads) and begin chanting Om Namo Narayani inside my head. It means, “I surrender to the Divine Mother”, and is the mantra of the ashram. As I do this my heart chakra has an immediate powerful response. A strong heat, like hot candle wax being poured into it. My heart chakra feels stretched and soft. From here another wave of bliss washes over my being. This is how I know I am in the presence of an Avatar.

My Western body is not used to sitting on a 7 cm high cushion for 3 hours on a marble floor and at times my body cries out and I come back in to move it slightly. Otherwise three hours passes like a dream, and then it is time to receive the blessed water directly from Amma.

This still amazes me. Every day after Pooja we have the opportunity to receive and drink blessed water from an Avatar! Today I had the opportunity to give Amma a necklace of limes (these are then later used in the food kitchen to feed those visiting the ashram), and Amma blessed all the malas I have bought as gifts.

At this time we get to be a spoon length away from Amma. She even talked to me on several occasions. A few times asking me my name and then repeating it, once asking if I was enjoying my stay. Amma oozes softness and when I look in her eyes it is like they never end. I am pulled into a cosmic consciousness. I see people bursting into tears at the presence of so much unconditional love. It is a truly sacred event.

The group from Nepal arrived safely at 8pm tonight. It is wonderful to see them all. They said their trip up Annapurna was amazing in many ways, and we hope to hear all the stories tomorrow morning.

Om Namo Narayani