Conscious Parenting – Part 1


Over the next few weeks I am going to share with you some tips for Conscious Parenting.  I am learning as I go, and do not profess to be the perfect parent (if such a thing exists), I try my best.  And sometimes it is just trial and error.  I don’t think anyone can prepare us for the journey of parenthood, and what is wonderful for one child is a disaster for another.  As a healer and light worker raising children I am often asked for hints and tips.


Start at the beginning.


I raise my children with the premise that they are souls, sent to me to guide, protect, serve and love for a time.  I believe we have chosen one another and it is no accident that we are together.


I take the view that our role as parents (soul carers) is to provide a loving environment where the karma of that soul can unfold with as much ease and grace as possible.


Think of a sapling growing in a forest. It needs sun and rain, and sometimes it grows a bit too much to the left, so as parents we put the sun on the right, to help it keep going up, growing straight.  Then it grows too much to the right and we adjust again.


This principle is one of the foundations for my relationship with my children, and I contemplate it regularly.


Next week I will be sharing some tips to enable connection.


This Sunday 26th Feb I will be running a 2 hour seminar “Conscious Parenting” in Henley, Sydney 12-2pm if you would like to learn more.