Connecting Heaven and Earth

This morning in meditation in Therapist Training in Cooranbong we were connecting through the antahkarana. Sending our connection into the Earth below, and up into the bright white light above. As I sent my energy into the Earth and merged with the Earth, I could feel that from Gaia’s point of view we are one. It is only in my consciousness there is a separation. As I became aware of that I merged with Gaia, and saw myself from her perspective. I then took the energy up to the Divine, into Atziluth, the bright white light, and from here as I looked down at my physical body, I sensed the same thing. That I am one with all that is above, and from above I am like the finger of a hand, again, not separate. I then breathed in from above and below simultaneously with unity consciousness from both. It was incredibly expansive and blissful.

I feel it is possible to be connected like a pillar, in unity, to both the Divine and the Earth simultaneously, and I aim to be able to maintain this unity consciousness for longer and longer periods in mundane or even stressful situations. I think this is something the Masters have mastered.

In Loving Service

Jenny Nurick Shekinah