Coming Home

Our first twenty-four hours in Sri Narayani Amma’s Temple has been like a homecoming.

We arrived on Sunday, had some lunch and walked the star path as a group. We are a small group of seven, which is wonderful as we are getting to know one another really well, and there is plenty of opportunity for discussion. Walking the star path together felt like energetically entering the Temple. We all expanded into the Golden Temple, and as we sent love to it, there was a clear response felt by all.

At 6pm we did Maha Seva on Laxmi Narayani, where at sun set, with a pre-purchased ticket, one can enter the very center of the Golden temple where the Black Laxmi sits and experience puja on her which lasts about 30 mins. It was incredible! We all left feeling in awe of the Temple and of Amma.

We were up at 6am for our group practice, then our group had decided to sponsor a cow and a calf to be given to a family in need.

At 11am we were taken to the Cow Temple. Home to maybe 100 cows and a priest performed a beautiful ceremony blessing our families and the families of those to receive the blessing of the cows. We all participated in painting the cow yellow and red and putting flowers on her head. It was the best thing ever! We were then given bananas to go around and feed to the other cows in the Temple…….I LOVE cows, so this was the best fun.

The area where Amma usually does a three-hour puja (religious devotional practice) in the middle of the day is being renovated so Amma has invited small numbers of people to be with her while she does these practices on the veranda of her home.

We felt incredible blessed to be invited with only about 30 others to attend this practice today. As always, it was incredible. The energy is so potent and the love and devotion tangible, in both Amma and her Priests. The whole group left feeling in awe and incredibly blessed.

I feel like I have been here for a week already. Slipping straight back into the routines and the energy. It was like my consciousness remembered the flavor of energy and slipped back in. I had the feeling that I have been living a dream since I last left and have woken up again.

Om Namo Narayani

Monday 30th June 2014