Can a liver flush help you with Acne?

This weekend I took the time to do my second “liver flush”.  The first time my friend and amazing Ayurvedic Practitioner Anjani suggested this would be a good idea for me. I took one look at the procedure, and thought this is not for me. I will have to build up to this one.

I have had some hormonal acne since the birth of my second child and along with some other recommendations Anjani suggested a liver and gall bladder flush.

The liver’s main function is to remove toxins from the body and process nutrients from food. My understanding is that toxins can build up in the liver causing it to function less than optimally, which can cause toxins to try to come out of the body in other ways such as through the skin.

The flush is done over two days, involves drinking Epsom salts and olive oil at prescribed times and spending a day with a very runny tummy. It sounded terrible!

I diligently set aside a whole weekend to focus on the cleanse and in good faith followed the procedure.

The flush involves fasting from 1pm on Saturday until about 11am Sunday. So the first thing I noticed was my attachment to food. My habit of being at home and having a nice Chai, then a bliss ball, then something else while I read… is always interesting to break our routine and notice our habits.

The cleanse itself was not that bad. The olive oil is mixed with fresh grapefruit juice which masks the strong taste of the olive oil. The Epsom salts are pretty bad, but I just remembered my university days and downed it like a tequila! Swiftly followed by some water, which actually tastes sweet after the salts.

The next morning the bowels empty swiftly. For me it was not uncontrollable, I just needed to be at home to get to the toilet quickly. The rest of the time I could rest and read and just pop to the loo regularly.

By Sunday at 4pm the fast was over I was feeling fine. I made it!

What came out? Stones! Yes, Stones! And lots of them! For me they were about 1 cm wide at the start, and then became smaller. It was very satisfying to feel them coming out and then see them.

Is this for anyone? I would recommend doing it under the guidance of a qualified practitioner as everyone is different, but my husband was inspired to do it with me this time and he managed fine.

After two flushes about four weeks apart my skin has definitely improved. I will keep you posted on the long term effect.

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