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When I work with a client or a business I am feeling into the energy anatomy of the business to sense what is there, and what we can shift in order for the energy body of the business to expand and roar into action. When we remove the old stuck energy from the energy anatomy of a business things seem to improve. We meet the right people at the right time. Our business attracts the right people at the right vibration for the right roles. Everything FLOWS. It stops feeling like hard work and effort. Sound good?

Let me share one of my most memorable experiences working with a business issue of one of my clients.

He came to me in bit of a panic, having had some bad news about a property development he had invested heavily in. He was not sure how to approach the situation and wanted to do it from the cleanest place possible. There were three companies involved in the mess. I scanned all of them (scanning is feeling the energy of them), and when I came to the third one all of the chakras (energy centres) of that company collapsed, it was like a black whirlwind was in the centre of it sucking everything out of the bottom of it. I asked my client a few questions about the company, and shared what I perceived. There was no energy in it at all and in fact it felt like energy was being sucked out of the bottom of it. He seemed a bit surprised.

Three days later he called me to say the company had declared themselves bankrupt. That made so much sense to me, it was exactly how it had felt.

If you would like to learn about the energy anatomy of your business, experience Guided meditation, bring spirituality to work and learn which areas of YOUR business needs lifting in order to effect fast change then check out our new course called Ignite Your Business Spirit. This course was designed together with Juliana Guilders (Gayatri Ma), an expert business coach, executive consultant and energy worker.

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Ignite Your Business Spirit

Ignite Your Business Spirit