Asking and Listening

One of my children has been struggling with anger.  Over the Easter holidays she asked me to help her.  “Mummy, please teach me how to not be angry when I have to do my chores”.  Together we did some breathing exercises and I taught her to clean her chakras, but I intuited that something was missing.  Inwardly, I asked for the missing piece that would help her.

The following week I was leading a group meditation in which we were shown how acidity in the body causes anger.  That was it!  I immediately booked her in to see an Ayurvedic doctor who I felt would be able to help her.

When we went in I only said “she has asked for help with her anger”.  He looked at her tongue, then looked at me and said “Her system is very acidic and this is causing the anger.  Give me three months and we should be able to change that.”

When we ask earnestly for help and guidance we just need to listen to that small voice pushing us in the right direction.  I will let you know how she goes over the next three months.