A New Cycle Begins…

2016 was the end of a nine-year cycle which began in 2008.

Where were you at in 2008?   What was happening in your life?  What has the last nine years been about for you?

When I asked my mentoring group this question at the end of last year we saw some significant changes and completion of cycles.

In early 2008 I fell pregnant with my first baby Isaac.  I had been preparing for the pregnancy for the previous 12 months and was really ready, and excited.  In 2010 we were blessed with our second child, Ariel.

In 2017 they move into year 1 and 2, so for me the nine-year cycle is obvious.  I have spent the time deeply invested in raising two beautiful souls.  Revelling in their expressions, their first steps, words, giggles and cuddles, being mindful not to miss it.  I have been tired…so tired, sometimes feeling totally cup empty, but still needing to feed them and get them to bed.  It has been the spiritual practice of being the mindful householder, wife and mother on steroids.  We have learned on the run, really making it up as we went.

When I look at them I feel it has been 9 years well spent.  As they enter this new year of school I feel a certain amount of relief, as though a chapter of their lives has been well written, and a new freedom in what I am able to do.  It is like I have been looking down to nurture and feed them in the ways they needed, and now I can look up a bit.  It feels good.

When I think about the next nine-year cycle I feel excitement, expansion, and lots of movement.  I plan to be fully in it for the ride…I put my whole self in!

With Love