“I met Jenny around five years ago. At the time I was in a lot of pain and confusion, my life was just not working despite all of my attempts and I had just hit a huge rock bottom.

In desperation a friend suggested I go along to a healer and spiritual counsellor she had been seeing for some time. When I met Jenny, I felt instantly at ease with her. She did then and still does exude a strength and gentleness in equal measures. There was something about her that I intuitively trusted.

I have had many healings with Jenny over the years and to say that I am blown away by her gift and accurate perception is an understatement. Jenny has guided me through some of my toughest inner challenges.

I have also experienced Jenny as a teacher. I too teach, and because of this, I am hyper vigilant to those who do not embody the message they carry.

Jenny is completely congruent with what she teaches and is completely non-judgmental. I believe she is a priestess of the highest order. I am so grateful for all the wisdom and love she has given to me.”

Faith Agugu, Company Director- Raw Fashion Agency, Lecturer- FBI Fashion and Business Institute.


“I see Jenny regularly for healings and her talent to perceive the issues going on in my life and her power to shift them always blows me away.  She has lovingly guided and shown me how to utilise effective methods to transform my life for the better. Jenny is an authentic person and a truly awesome spiritual teacher/healer.

I am also currently studying to become an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist (a very powerful form of Energetic Healing). Jenny is the lead teacher for my class.  I find her gentle strength and down to earth personality to be very reassuring.  Her ability to impart spiritual knowledge, concepts and techniques in a practical and non-threatening manner is profound.

I went for a healing with Jenny when I was 8 weeks pregnant and I hadn’t thought to mention that I was experiencing constant nausea. During the session Jenny asked me if I was feeling sick. The question surprised me but when I confirmed it she told me that she sensed the nausea within herself. Jenny continued the healing and I started to notice my stomach settle. After that session I had heaps more energy and thanks to Jenny I never experienced the morning sickness again!”

Larissa Holliday, Nurse, Sydney


“I have experienced Jenny both as a teacher and as a healer. She is extremely empowering in how she deals with me, always setting me homework and keeping me accountable for my own journey. She has a range of tools at her disposal and always knows just the one to encourage that growing edge to shrink just a little!!!

She allows herself to be vulnerable with me, which makes it much easier for me to share my feelings with her. She is great at working with what’s in the room and holding the space to allow all that needs to emerge.

Jenny is a gifted healer and teacher. She is a real example in our world of someone who lives her truth. She is our lead teacher for the Sydney Therapist trainer class and I know I am not alone in experiencing soul presence, gifted facilitation and a compassionate nature.

It is hard to put in words the difference Jenny has made to my life, as my experience is of a soul nature and my mind hasn’t caught up with my soul yet! I feel privileged and honoured to have had the opportunity to work with Jenny.”

Sue McDonnell, Sydney


“I have had the privilege of working with Jenny for the last 7 years.  She was my primary healer over this period and I would meet with her every fortnight without fail.   I knew I was in safe hands.

Jenny is an enormously gifted, multi-skilled and sensitive healer.  She has a high level of attainment in the new and very powerful modality of IYS Therapy. This combination makes for an unstoppable force of healing.  I knew I would heal …. and  I did.

It is her talent that has been the fundamental key in transforming and bringing into balance all the major areas of my life including my finances, career and my romantic life.

I am eternally grateful for the loving, professional care she has shown me.”

Suzy, Sydney


“Jenny is a caring, insightful and powerful practitioner. I have consulted her for both personal and professional issues and have found the sessions highly useful and supportive. Her approach combines practical real-world awareness with a deeper connection to body, mind and soul. With Shekinah, there is a deep sense of trust and knowing that you can ‘go there’ and that she will joyfully support you. I leave her sessions with greater awareness and a lighter heart. Shekinah is a truly gifted practitioner.”

Claire Jaynes – Principal OISE Sydney


I have been privileged to know Jenny for the past 20 years, just over 11 years ago she gave me my first healing. Since that time I have worked with Jenny and the shanti Mission teachings to completely transform my life.  Her healing’s are awe inspiring, her intuition, her perception and her power are incredible.  Jenny has helped me through some really challenging times, a divorce, changing my career, some tricky interpersonal relationships, and every time I have a healing with her, I am wiser, stronger and have more empowerment to lead the life I choose.
The space that Jenny creates is so supportive, whether we are meeting face to face or over the phone, I feel held, I feel heard and I feel valued. I have so much trust and faith in Jenny’s ability, I know that whatever unfolds will be for my highest good.
I highly recommend Jenny as a teacher, a healer and if you ever get the chance go on retreat with her, you won’t regret it.
National Account Manager


“I’ve had a recent health challenge when my lungs become inflamed as a result of asthma that I developed the previous year. After starting my prescription to calm the lung inflammation, I had a magnificent healing with Shekinah to dig into the underlying mental, emotional and spiritual causes of this physical issue and the anxiety associated with it. She is so calm, with a non-judgmental attitude that I felt safe and supported immediately. I was blown away by her clarity of intuition and how she expresses her intuitive language. Her knowledge and mastery of the Kabbalah along with her ability to articulate esoteric concepts in a simple, direct and practical way leaving no stone unturned, enabled us to safely explore dimensions of my being that were hindering my recovery from the inflammation. I felt incredibly expanded during the healing that continued to unfold for the week after. My lungs had fully restored breathing capacity within three days and I’ve been able to run everywhere since then without becoming breathless. In addition to recovering from this challenge I’ve been filled with intense gratitude for having been sick as it launched me into this greater sense of peace and tranquility that I haven’t felt before. My children seem happier, my relationship with my partner has been peaceful, my heavy workload has felt lighter, I managed challenges beyond my control with ease and grace, people have been very generous with me and even my performance as a competitive squash player has improved dramatically. Shekinah is an incredible and gifted IYS Therapist and I feel very blessed for this and many other profound healing sessions to come.”
Nathalie Martinek PhD
Melbourne, VIC



“During my life I have had a fairly substantial history of various therapies, meditation and self-discovery programmes.  All of which helped me to gained a much better understanding of the how and why of my life but I never really conquered the periods of depression and self-doubt.  Although on the surface my life was good, with an amazing daughter, good long time friends, a solid social network and even a job working for an organisation that I was ethically aligned to.  Given all of this, I never had a real sense of fulfillment and for me life was, to some extent, a chore that had to be endured.

Earlier this year I realised that I could not open my heart even when I thought about those I love most dearly.  I had shut down and it was not a good feeling.

I had my first session with Jenny in February 2012 and have continued with regular healings since then.

My life has changed in ways that I could not have imagined.  Working through the layers has been interesting, sometimes challenging and without doubt liberating. And in 9 short months I feel a great sense of love, joy and peace.  I have a deep sense of life’s value and purpose.  I would not have reached this point in my life without the love, guidance and healing from Jenny.

I think of her as an Angel inhabiting this earth of ours and my gratitude is beyond words.”

Julia, Sydney


“Since my fathers death a few months ago, I have found it very difficult to gain a positive aspect on things happening in my life. Feelings of no sense of worth due to being unemployed for a year and a half and have no source of income. Not to mention the bad luck that keeps coming my way. Whether it be having the flu for three and a half weeks or blowing up my engine in my car which in order to repair it will cost north of $10,000. But I can confidently say that after attending only one group session with Shekinah, I have a new, positive out look on life. The confirmation during the blessing that everything that is happening, is the way it’s meant to be (for now) and also knowing my father was there looking from above, proud and happy where my life is at the moment was most reassuring. A sense of love and a calming feeling that passed through me during the blessing was bliss. I haven’t felt depressed one bit since. The environment provided by Shekinah was warm and loving and that alone was more confirmation that I was at the right place for help/healing. What can I say about Shekinah? In order for me to express how much of a beautiful person she is, I need to start writing a thesis. Anyone looking for answers or just happiness, these session will benefit anyone who attends. ”

 From Male Laya Yoga Participant, Sydney


“We had the great honour of experiencing the Cosmic Consciousness retreat to Peedam,  facilitated by Shekinah. It was 8 days of pure bliss,  Divine connection, Love and expansion. From beginning to end, Shekinah gently supported and expertly guided us through daily practices and rituals which allowed us to expand our consciousness and open our hearts. Our egos surrendered. She is an extremely wise soul and communicates her knowledge effectively,  so that all may understand and participate in spiritual practice from a deeper place. With Shekinah’s invaluable knowledge of Peedam’s rituals and culture and with her organizational skills,  we were able to keep our vibration high whilst enjoying daily Divine connection during various pujas, abhishekams and temple celebrations with our beloved Amma. It was an auspicious time during the consecration of the temple and we were fortunate enough to be invited to Amma’s verandah for cosy pujas on a daily basis. Shekinah helped for this to be possible with ease and grace. She always knew who to speak to, so that our day flowed flawlessly. I feel so blessed and grateful to have experienced this life affirming adventure. My life is more rich, abundant and full of love and Divine connection than ever before. Thank you Shekinah for being a wise, patient teacher and a fun, loving companion on our legendary heart – felt journey to the Home of the Divine. When is the next retreat!?!”

Retreat Participant
Penny Borbilas, Teacher, Sydney