Tarot Mentoring

February 7, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:45 pm
Tote Building - Green Square Library
100 Joynton Ave
Zetland NSW 2017

The World

In mentoring this year we will be studying the Tarot, one of the tools I use in my everyday life to gain insights into the unseen workings of the soul and astral realms.  The tarot has a language unto itself, and is heavily laden with Kabbalistic imagery and Western esoteric realities.  Together we will be deciphering this language and using it in the way it was intended, as a mystical tool and guide through life.

Each class will have both a teaching and a meditative, mystical component.

Classes start 7th Feb 7-9pm in Zetland.  In person only.

Please contact me for more information at info@jennynurick.com.