Spiritual Mastery 2

April 2, 2016 @ 9:30 am – April 3, 2016 @ 4:00 pm
Henley Community Centre
1 Crown Street
Henley NSW 2111
By Donation
Spiritual Mastery 2 @ Henley Community Centre | Henley | New South Wales | Australia

Spiritual Mastery 2 The 12 Hallmarks

What better time to study Spiritual Mastery 2 than after Easter? The auspicious time of resurrection and miracle in the Christian tradition.  SM 2 brings it all together. We will use scanning to find out where we are at in the hallmarks of mastery, we will be playing some games, and developing our light body further.  I am currently on retreat and have been working on expanding the light body and doing world service with others.  It promises to be a wonderful weekend!  I am looking forward to bring the energy into the class.

During her study with various Spiritual Masters in Australia, Bali, India
and Philippines, Shakti Durga noticed unifying characteristics that were common
to all of them – despite differences in the type of mission, religion, culture
and tradition.

In Spiritual Mastery 2 we share the 12 Hallmarks of Spiritual Mastery with
you, with practical examples to help understand the way in which Mastery is
lived. What should we be aspiring towards? What will bring us the greatest
change internally and externally?

Measure your own progress in each of the 12 Hallmarks of Mastery. For each
Hallmark, you will clearly understand what we are seeking to attain, as well as
the pitfalls within which we can become ensnared and practices to achieve

The powerful Aspect meditation is taught, which will change your
consciousness and your life. It is designed to cleanse all of the energy that
has been stuck in other incarnations and to bring your energy into present

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