Satsang – Sydney Henley – All Welcome!

February 22, 2015 @ 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
Henley Community Centre
Crown Street
Henley NSW 2111
By Donation
Shakti Das
Satsang - Sydney Henley - All Welcome! @ Henley Community Centre | Henley | New South Wales | Australia

Satsang means company of truth seekers. We hold satsangs at many of our centres every week and we also hold large satsangs in Sydney. These are great events if you are new to Shanti Mission.


One of the key ingredients in a well balanced life is to have a community of people who know us, who are welcoming and supportive, and with whom we can share deeply in a meaningful and appropriate way. We create these communities through coming together for satsang.


We teach many skills for healing and awakening of the spirit. During satsang we reinforce the teachings and create opportunities for experiential learning through direct transmission of spiritual energy, through meditation, nada shakti (transfer of healing energy through sound), chanting and through social interaction.


We practice a form of meditation that is very active and involves chanting ancient mantras from various traditions such as Hindu, Christian, Buddhist and Jewish as well as verbal commands that can help you to release and let go of old and unhelpful energy and thoughts. We try to focus the mind on positive thoughts and keep it busy which helps your mind to become still and quiet. This technique is very helpful to those in the west. For more information on our meditation style visit our meditation page.


We are a mystical school and believe that that physical is just one of the many forms of energy that make up our world. The teachers leading the satsang will also use group energetic healing to help those in the room to release any stuck or old energy. We also offer energetic blessings, which we call ‘Grace Bank’ in which trained teachers bring in the energy of the Divine and use it to help you grow, learn, heal and develop. This is similar to the blessings from some Christian priests and is simply a form of energy healing. However, during Grace Bank, we ask everyone in the room to participate by sending love to those who are receiving a blessing. You will find it amplyfies both your own blessing and by sending love, you are serving and helping others which can fill your soul with spiritual ‘grace.’ This is why it is called ‘Grace Bank.’ Many people have seen their lives transformed and become more peaceful just by attending satsangs, receiving blessings and sending heartfelt love to others, which increases their grace bank account.


Our satsangs are multi-faith and respect all traditions, all Gurus, all spiritual teachers and all religions. They are very popular and a great way to come and see and meet our community, find out what is on and feel the energy and vibe of Shanti Mission.
We look forward to seeing you soon.