Group Healing (Laya Yoga)

October 31, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
11/95-99 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000
$60 per person minimum
Group Healing (Laya Yoga) @ O.I.S.E | Sydney | New South Wales | Australia

Now at the end of this intense eclipse period and in the energy of Shanti Mission ‘Mission Day’ Shekinah is offering another laya yoga in the CBD!

Group healings with Shekinah focus upon the evolution of our consciousness, the activation of our energy field and solving practical life issues. They are very potent and invariably a group comes together who all have a similar theme going on in their lives, and a great deal is learned from each other as well as from the inner plane.

This group healing process is called Laya Yoga. It is similar to Ignite Your Spirit therapy, Shekinah’s groups are limited to 8 people. Each person will receive feedback and blessing which will activate their kundalini shakti (spiritual energy) and often these sessions are completely life changing.

Laya Yoga is Kundalini yoga. It involves the dissolution and melting of the frozen energy that is invisibly held within us and which reflects outwardly as the life we have.  This allows for higher states, and simply a better life, to appear in miraculous and amazing ways. This is the highest form of yoga. In short, Laya Yoga is totally transformational.

Bookings are essential. Please contact Shekinah at or call 0410331307 to reserve your place.

Testimonial from a male Laya Yoga Session participant:

“Since my fathers death a few months ago, I have found it very difficult to gain a positive aspect on things happening in my life. Feelings of no sense of worth due to being unemployed for a year and a half and have no source of income. Not to mention the bad luck that keeps coming my way. Whether it be having the flu for three and a half weeks or blowing up my engine in my car which in order to repair it will cost north of $10,000. But I can confidently say that after attending only one group session with Shekinah, I have a new, positive out look on life. The confirmation during the blessing that everything that is happening, is the way it’s meant to be (for now) and also knowing my father was there looking from above, proud and happy where my life is at the moment was most reassuring. A sense of love and a calming feeling that passed through me during the blessing was bliss. I haven’t felt depressed one bit since. The environment provided by Shekinah was warm and loving and that alone was more confirmation that I was at the right place for help/healing. What can I say about Shekinah? In order for me to express how much of a beautiful person she is, I need to start writing a thesis. Anyone looking for answers or just happiness, these session will benefit anyone who attends.”