Jenny has vast experience helping people in diverse circumstances transform their lives to find robust happiness and peace. She is an executive coach, supervisor and profound healer. Jenny’s passion is personal development through all areas of life, she is very practical in her methodologies and specialises in relationship enhancement. She is currently the head instructor of an eighteen month training program which qualifies students to become registered healers in Australia.

Jenny received her BA (hons) in the UK, then went on to study councelling, coaching and healing in Australia. She then managed two energetic healing and meditation centres in Sydney from 2008-2012 with a turnover of over $100K per annum and ran mostly by donation. She is also on the Board of Directors of Shanti Mission.

Jenny works very closely with her clients to promote lasting and effective change, to enhance performance and increase the amount of joy one experiences on a day to day basis. She also leads several personal development groups which are hot-houses of change. Her gift is in seeing what is often unseen to others, and bringing it out into the open in a loving way to be worked with.