About Me

Jenny Nurick is an accomplished presenter, teacher, writer, healer and intuitive.  Jenny has made it her life work to study subtle energy, meditation and personal development, and has worked intensely in different areas of self-help and psychotherapy.

Jenny always knew she was destined to serve people.  This desire led her to gain a degree in Political Science and then spend some time working for various charities, teaching, travelling extensively and living overseas.  After these adventures, and some disillusionment with politics as a way of changing the world, she started to study various complementary therapies.  That twelve year journey has taken Jenny around the world to study with spiritual Masters of many traditions, and culminated in the ability to work multidimensionally and train others to do the same. Her joy is helping her clients and students to reclaim their power, overcome obstacles and truly anchor heaven on Earth in their lives.

She is currently the head instructor of an 18 month, energetic and spiritual healer training program known as Ignite Your Spirit Therapy.  As a senior teacher with Shanti Mission, Australia’s largest network of meditation and healing centers, she runs regular weekend seminars and retreats on energetic healing, meditation, relationships, manifesting and the Jewish mystical system of the Kabbalah.  She is also on the Board of Directors of Shanti Mission.

She is currently completing a book on Kabbalistic Healing, and another on women’s issues, and a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy.  She runs mentoring groups focused on personal and spiritual development, takes overseas retreats and does one on one mentoring in Sydney and online.

Jenny’s other joy is in her young family, and all she learns through the practice of being a mother, playmate, and friend.